Recommendations - Books, Professionals, Businesses, etc...

I am so excited about this page because I loooooove recommending other people, books, experiences, or professionals that I trust and believe in in case it might serve you as well!

I may not be the perfect person for you, yet these people, professionals, experiences, or books just might be the connection or shift you need or desire.

Garret Petrov - advisor/mentor/intuitive who taught me in Akashic Records, Kundalini Reiki, the Akashic Wheel of Time technique. I can't sing his praises enough. He's down to Earth and also connected deeply within his soul and with the universe.

Victoria St. Fleur - Learned Nervous System Regulation and lots of business from her. She posts in stories almost every single day and you can learn so much from her.

Kim Cardiel-Early - a powerhouse intuitive, she has coached me through some pivotal points in my existence, supporting me in remembering my power and refocusing my efforts and intentions on what matters most, keeping me on the path I desire for myself and taking the steps to see that through. She has guided sessions available, tarot readings, and reiki sessions, as well as just getting started in motivational speaking.