In-Person Transformational Touch + Life Coach & Reiki Combined Session


19 years ago I graduated from Blue Cliff College of Massage Therapy School in Louisiana and I have extended my transformational touch through the years since. It is a vital part of my work here on this Earth and I love supporting people in releasing, centering within their being through this way. Many times since graduating, I have thought of how amazing and important it is to have vocal support throught this release work, and how it can support the body and being in a more wholistic way. Almost 20 years later I feel confident to offer such a gift, after having trained and worked in life coaching the last almost 4 years, and after tuning my reiki(learned first in massage therapy school) and receiving my Grand Master Kundalini Reiki attunement within the last year.

I have called this weaving of gifts Transformational Life Touch Coaching - a combination of Kundalini Reiki, Life Coaching, and Transformational Touch to support client in transformation, connection, and support in mind, body, heart, and soul.